Saturday, January 4, 2014

Coil Calculator App details

You need to achieve more advanced level in the vaping electronic cigarette.
and need to build your great and the own coil.

Some questions are still there:
- which wire type to take and what AWG?
- how many rounds do I need to make for a certain resistance/Ohm?
- what if I need to switch from AWG to metric or back?

You can get these answers and more with the help of this small app!

For Android devices    Get it on Google Play 

For iPhone and iPad   

Just select different type of wire and simulate your scenario - answer will be promptly shown.  All you need to do after this - just finish the coil assembling!

After you are happy with your new coil, you can always try some other wire, resistance etc

Also, watch for new features coming shortly!

This application takes calculation/mathematic driven approach - please make sure that no shortcuts occurred during the assembling,
Using of Ohm meter device is up to you.

Vaping, smoking etc is just up to you.


  1. Just bought it, works great..
    I would like that you include, in the next update, the ability to save and name different coil setups and maybe even be able to share those saves via email/facebook/twitter etc

    Also, include the width of the coil (there is limited size to fit a coil in, for example, a squape)

  2. thank you for the feedback, appreciated.

    it is good suggestion, let me check how to fit it nicely.

    feel free to provide more input, it is very valuable!

    1. im new to google+ so it was pure luck i saw your reply.. you could include popular designs for coils as saved setups included in the app.
      And also, when you save a coil setup, you can take a photograph that is connected to the saved setup, so you dont just have numbers to go on (maybe you bent a leg a specific way) and also be able to leave a note (a header, maybe 30char or whatever the width of the iphone/ipad is, and a note .. like 200chars. ?

    2. and also, include your mail as a clickable link at the top of the Info-tab, so its easier to send you feedback.

  3. hm, you know - good suggestion , let me consider it

    your feedback is always welcome and
    your review in AppStore is valuable as well!

    1. ok, i wrote a review.. but i cant see it.. maybe they have to approve the review first ? when will you be working on the suggestions and releasing a new version ?

    2. correct, it might be reviewed before it will be visible

      Plan is to do NOT delay your feedback implementation

    3. ok, you have a guesstimated time for upload to apple ? :)

    4. it is hobby project,
      if I have time - I would do regular updates each month or two

  4. Do you have directions?

    I have 32AWG Kanthal A1, lead is 2" long, coil is 3/32"I have 3 wraps, and am at 1.5 ohms. I can't get your app to reflect that even close, or any other coils I've built. Yes I am a beginner, please help.

    1. >coil is 3/32"
      I am thinking to extend diameter to '', not only AWG,
      3/32'' ~ 10 AWG , if to use now

      >lead 2''
      do you really have lead/tail so long ?
      lead is normally defined as shown on the picture

      if I will take:
      - lead as 0,2''
      - 10 AWG diam
      - Kanthal_A1 32AWG

      I see 1.596 Ohm shown within the app.

  5. I need help. I understand wire type. Wire guage. Now what's the 3rd number?

  6. When is ni200 going to be added? About to buy a dna40

  7. Reply to this regarding ni200, forgot to check "notify me" on last entry :/

  8. ni200 support should come shortly - main delay expected only from Apple review team, stay tune and thanks for asking !

  9. Need help ,
    Example : khantal A1 28 , then the option beside it 1-6 is what for ?

    Question 2 : wraps 10,? After I choose 10wraps then beside the option is what ?
    Question 3 : lead length is it the total length I use to coil ? After I coil it I can't know how long I use

  10. Q1: number of coils you are doing in your atty (or number of strands if doing parallell)
    Q2: if you are doing 10 and a half wraps (10,5 wraps)
    Q3: length of the "wire leg" from post to coil